Granite Countertop Windsor – Instant Class and Elegance for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

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Granite Countertops in Windsor

The kitchen is often one of the first rooms of the home that is chosen for renovation. A kitchen home improvement project would not be complete without the installation of a new countertop. Homeowners in Windsor are discovering the beauty and practicality that granite countertops instantly bring to the kitchen. These countertops can be used to provide a bold look for the bathroom as well. Granite countertops are capable of producing a stunning beauty that can singlehandedly transform the entire look of either the kitchen or bathroom.
Granite is more expensive than many other types of countertop materials, but it is a premium countertop material in every sense. The lifespan of granite is amazing and it represents an excellent investment in the home. Granite countertops add significant value to the home and are considered one of the best return-on-investment upgrades for any homeowner.

Why is Granite Expensive?

Granite is one of the highest demand natural rocks available today. Granite is formed in the Earth’s crust as a result of extreme heat and pressure. This is why granite has an excellent hardness rating and is able to provide exceptional durability, but it also limits its availability.
The slabs of granite that eventually become countertops are mined and then shaped into countertop shapes. This requires time and machines to smooth out the granite and further prepare it for installation in the home.

Timeless Style and Elegance

Granite is a top premium countertop material. Almost every homeowner would choose to install a granite countertop over other common types of materials if cost were not a consideration. The class and style of a granite countertop will never go out of style. This is important since granite countertops are often the last countertop that will ever have to be installed in a home.
For people who want to make a strong statement of status and elegance, a granite countertop will instantly become the focal point of any room it is installed in. It shows an impeccable attention to detail and an appreciation of the finer things in life.
Granite is naturally found in many different shades and textures. Homeowners looking to have the best possible experience with granite may elect to choose rare and exotic granites such as Brazilian granite.

The Practical Benefits of Granite Countertops

In addition to being stunning in the kitchen or bathroom, granite countertops also bring many other important benefits. The durability is legendary. Granite is naturally porous; a sealant is used to make it water-resistant. This sealant also makes the countertop stain resistant and scratch resistant while increasing hygiene.
Granite countertops are relatively low maintenance and are incredibly easy to clean. Aside from resealing, granite countertops are literally maintenance free over the lifetime of the countertop. It can be cleaned using a soft cloth and warm water in most cases; there is no need for expensive cleaners.
If you are looking for an excellent home improvement investment for your home in Windsor, speak with a reputable granite distributor about granite countertops today.